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Welcome to My Grandfather’s Tool Chest!

Traditional woodworking with hand tools has been a hobby of mine for many years, but I fully admit my passion for it significantly outweighs my skill.  To develop those skills, I look to the many masters who have come before.  Historically, masters handed skills of a trade down to an apprentice.  For centuries, craftsmen proudly passed their knowledge on to those who shared their appreciation of the craft.  Similar to that master/apprentice tradition of yesteryear, many of us look to our parents, grandparents and mentors who have passed on their knowledge.  It may cover everything from how to make great-grandmother’s Thanksgiving stuffing, and what grandpa did “during the war”, to how to properly use a chisel.  As I seek out more from those mentors and skilled craftsmen about traditional woodworking, I hope to create a resource for others following the same path.

Many woodworking skills have also been memorialized in print (or pixel…this is the digital age after all!).  There are volumes of great books available on the topic and I have worn out many good books as I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can.  That is not always enough.  There is something to be said  for the connection made when we learn from someone we know and respect.   This site and blog is about learning traditional woodworking skills.  I want to blow the dust off of old tools, skills and stories that are passed through the generations.  I want to create a resource to share that information with others.  Join me as we see what tools we can find, skills we can learn, and people we can meet as we explore the traditional handcrafts.

What is my inspiration?

My grandfather worked as the only custodian in a large school.   His career ranged largely from the 1930’s through the early 1960’s.  He was a skilled craftsman.  He gained most of his skill from his family, friends and mentors that came before him.  My grandfather passed much of his knowledge on to my father, who in turn has passed it on to me.

Since my interests predominately lies in woodworking, I focus largely on the skills and tools necessary for traditional woodworking.  As I learn from others,  I will continue to take inspiration from what my grandfather’s tool chest symbolizes and the stories it can tell under the layers of dust.  I hope you enjoy the tips, ideas and knowledge we gather along the way!

What is your inspiration?

I would love to hear your story and get your feedback!  What drew you to your craft?  Who was your inspiration to learn your craft?  What left the greatest impression on your work?  Where do you turn to learn more?

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